Frequently Asked Questions


Please refer to our FAQ to answer some of the more common questions we receive.

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What areas do you service?

We service all of the Chicagoland area as well as parts of Southern Wisconsin.   Give us a call if you're unsure of whether or not we'll come out to your area!

what form of payment do you accept?

We accept all standard forms of payment including check, cash, and credit cards.

When is the payment for services due?

We require payment at the time of service.  The serviceman will accept your cash or check on the spot and can run your credit card on the spot as well.

is there a discount if i schedule multiple services at once?

Absolutely!  Check our prices and services page for bundle deals and current saving opportunities!

do i get a discount for being an annual customer?

Yes!  We highly value and appreciate our repeat customers!  If you sign up with us to become an annual customer, we will not only contact you every year to remind you that you are due for your annual cleaning, but we will also discount 10% .

Tell me more about your annual customer program...

Here at A Clean Sweep Chimney Co., we offer our customers an opportunity to belong to our Annual Customer Program.  This is available for all customers, whether it be for annual fireplace cleanings/inspections, annual dryer vent cleanings, annual or bi-annual gutter cleanings, or all of the above.  If you choose to sign up, you will receive a 10% discount on all annual services completed and we will also make sure to contact you when you are due for your annual service so that you don't have to worry about remembering to schedule every year.  Sign up here!

how often should i get my fireplace cleaned?

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you should have it cleaned every year or every 36-40 fires, depending which comes first.   If you have a gas log set, you can wait much longer in between cleanings.

How often should i get my fireplace inspected?

While annual inspections is what is highly recommended, it is possible to go longer in between inspections if you aren't using it on a regular basis.  Make sure to call immediately if you suspect something isn't working properly with your fireplace.  This website is also a great source for homeowners to clear up any confusion or questions you may have regarding care of your fireplace.

how often should i get my gutters cleaned?

Gutter cleanings are definitely necessary at least once a year, but it is highly recommended to get them cleaned bi-annualy; we suggest cleaning them once in the fall and once in the spring.

how often should i get my dryer vent cleaned?

Dryer vents need to be cleaned at least once a year.  

how do I know if i need my fireplace inspected?

Please refer to this website for specific instances when you need to get your fireplace inspected.  Call us immediately if any of these cases refer to you and your fireplace!

how long does a cleaning take and what can i expect during the appointment?

Generally, a fireplace cleaning takes anywhere from 1.5-2 hours.  During that time, your fireplace will be swept from the bottom up, removing any creosote (soot) from the firebox, smoke chamber, and flue.

what is the average timeframe for repairs?

Repair times vary depending on size and type of repair needed.  Many repairs are possible to be done on the spot.

will my house get dirty because of a cleaning or repair?

Absolutely not, we have a no mess guarantee!  

do i need to be home during the appointment?

Generally, yes, as we will be inside your house during most of the appointment. 

why does my flue even need a relining?

A Flue needs to be relined when it can no longer safely contain the elements of combustion, i.e. gas, smoke, heat, water vapor.  There are several factors that can lead to this.  Some of them include: high moisture content, chimney fires, poor construction, and general deterioration due to the age of the house.  This is much like needing to replace roofs or windows after certain periods of time or because of certain damages. 

why do i need a rain cap on my chimney?

Rain caps keep rain, snow, and animals out of your chimney, which is crucial for the safety and longevity of your venting system.

why do i need a chase top on my chimney?

Chase tops act as a roof on top of your chase, keep water out.  More often than not, chase tops are made out of a material that rusts and can cause water to enter the home, leading to a whole host of other problems such as mold.