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Chimney Cleaning

$199 for the first chimney, $100 for each additional — If you have a wood burning fireplace, cleanings are necessary every year or once very 36-40 fires, whichever comes first.  This prevents chimney fires and keeps you and your family safe!  *All cleanings come with a complimentary inspection.

Fireplace Inspection

$99 for the first chimney, $49 for each additional — Fireplace inspections are necessary to ensure that your fireplace is working as safely as it should.  Regular fireplace inspections prevent costly repairs needed down the road.  Make sure to call and schedule an inspection if you haven't had one in a while, if you are buying or selling a house, or if you suspect that your fireplace isn't working as it should.  Our inspections are all CSIA level 2 inspections.

*If work is needed and the cost is greater than $1000 or more, we will deduct the inspection fee from the final price.*

second opinion fireplace inspection

$99 for the first chimney, $49 for each additional — If you have recently had your fireplace inspected and were told that you need work done that you believe is more than you should pay or are questioning whether or not it is even necessary, give us a call!

*If work is needed and totals a cost of $1000 or more, we will deduct the inspection fee from the final price.*

Flue Relining

Variable rate —  Flue relinings are needed when the existing flue no longer vents properly.  The cost of the reline is determined based on many factors within each individual home.  Call us today to inspect your furnace/water heater and fireplace!

Exterior Work 

Variable rate — Exterior work can vary in cost based on several different factors.  Give us a call today for a free estimate of work needed.  Most exterior repairs can be completed the same day.

Bundles and Savings:

fall saver bundle: Fireplace cleaning and gutter cleaning

$299 - Get ready for winter with this awesome package!  A total savings of $49. 

2 service bundle

10% discount- bundle any two services and save! (excluding repairs)

3 service bundle

15% discount- bundle any three services and save! (excluding repairs)

Annual Customer Program:

Sign up for our Annual Customer Program and receive 10% all annual services completed!  Sign up here today!


rain cap installation

Average cost: $199, may vary slightly depending on size and material — Rain caps are necessary to keep rain, snow, and animals out of your flue.

Chase top installation

Average cost: $900, may vary slightly depending on size and material— Chase tops are necessary to keep water out of the chase in your home. Galvanized steel is used most often, but we only use stainless steel to avoid rusting and make sure your chase top lasts forever.

animal removal

Starting at $199 — If you suspect you have an animal in your chimney, call us right away!  We will be out as soon as possible to safely remove the animal from your chimney,

*please refer to this article about chimney swift birds.  This is the only animal we will not be able to remove from your chimney, as they are a protected species.*

dryer vent cleaning

Starting at $129 — Dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires in the U.S.  By removing the lint, you greatly reduce the chance of fire.  An added benefit is, most of the time people see an improvement in the efficiency of their dryer.

gutter cleaning

Starting at $149 — Your gutters need to be cleaned annually to ensure that rain water travels away from your house, preserving the longevity of your home's foundation.


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